Glass Bottled Milk

Farm Fresh Cow & Buffalo Bottled Milk in Hyderabad at your Doorstep

Saraswati Dairy is doing it the old fashioned way. We have notched up our milk and dairy product delivery services to the consumer directly every morning, right at your doorstep. We have always believed in providing the best-bottled milk in Hyderabad to your tables as we know we are not just building our business but building up stronger families and a stronger nation in the process.

We have been able to do what we love most which are to provide the highest quality dairy supplies with dependable service to the families of Hyderabad. All of our dairies are organic and naturally fresh from farms from surrounding areas of Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy District. We believe in serving unadulterated products and are strictly against adding any hormones, preservatives or additives. Now we are going a step forward and want to give the customer the best product in hygienic and eco-friendly bottle containers. We are now providing environmentally conscious processes to protect our environment from plastic waste and be part of the cleaner and healthier society that builds a stronger future. Our milk bottles can be returned to us to be sanitized, refilled and reused making all of us part of an effort to build a nature-friendly sustainable society.

We provide Farm Fresh Cow Milk and Farm Fresh Buffalo Milk in bottles at your doorstep delivery.

Benefits of bottled milk in Hyderabad

1.Farm freshness

Milk usually travels great distances before it reaches your home. From procuring milk from different sources to processing, packaging and delivering the milk goes through a lengthy process that dampens its freshness. A bottled milk product comes from farms to your table in as little as 24 hours and therefore goes through less processing time retaining the freshness of milk. Since bottled milk processing is quicker, it retains the enzymes making it easier to digest and some people with milk intolerance are also able to drink milk in bottles.

2. Colder and Tastier

Bottled milk is not only fresh but also tastes better because there is no external paper or plastic container scent and taste in the milk. Since the bottles remain colder for longer than normal packets the milk stays colder for longer hours. Colder the milk, tastier the milk. Our customers from older generations who have tasted the goodness of the bottled milk are very happy to welcome the bottled milk idea into our lives again and many younger customers are also testifying the freshness and better taste from our bottle milk in Hyderabad.

3. Ecofriendly

Fresh Glass Bottled Milk is recommended not just for health reasons but also for environmental reasons. Bottles can be reused and recycled endlessly and therefore do not create plastic waste causing ecological damage.  Glass is 100% recyclable and can be used to make newer glass bottles and glass jars without any loss in quality or purity. As a result, fewer raw materials are used for the production of glass conserving resources. So by encouraging glass bottles, we encourage sustainable and ecologically friendly options for doing business.

4. Hassle-free delivery and handling

Our customers need not take precious time out of their busy schedules to go to a grocery store to get daily dairy needs. Now we handle business to customer (B2C) delivery of our organic dairy delivery in Hyderabad. Milk and other dairy products can be delivered directly from Saraswati dairy to our customers and bottles can be returned to us directly. Customers can add a delivery schedule for the number of bottles or dairy products needed on a daily or weekly basis and we handle the repeat order, delivery, and handling process for them.

5. Delivered at doorstep

You can wake up to the freshness of our farm fresh bottled milk in Hyderabad right at your doorstep. We have our delivery carts and delivery boys delivering the best quality dairy products on time to our customers to wish a happy morning directly at their doorsteps. What more comfortable than to get our daily dairy needs delivered at the comfort of one’s home every morning.

Saraswati Dairy with the highest business and ethical standards lives by its promise to deliver the best quality milk and other dairy products to your homes and tables fresh every morning. We want to be the reason for your healthy, happy family and create the magical milk mustaches each morning!!