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Milk is taken into account as “Nature’s marvel Beverage” and has been a part of our diets from time out of mind. it’s justifiedly referred to as wholesome food supply because it contains several vital nutrients like metallic element, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, high-quality supermolecule, and vitamins A and D. to fulfill daily metallic element needs, the majority ought to have 2 to a few cups of milk or servings of dairy products farm foods every day. Curd Suppliers in Hyderabad,Secunderabad,Banjarahills,Jubileehills,Gachibowli. Saraswati Dairy is the best suppliers in Hyderabad.

Whereas we all know the advantages of milk, most folks don’t seem to be aware that the consumption of alternative dairy farm merchandise is pretty much as good as or typically even additional helpful than milk itself. The metallic element in milk, yogurt, cheese is equally important however the majority do not get enough metallic elements every day.

Another way to create your food healthily and attractive is to use the most effective curd suppliers in Hyderabad,Secunderabad,Banjarahills,Jubileehills,Gachibowli  in your food preparations. There are a variety of recipes ready victimization dairy farm merchandise not solely in Indian however in the majority alternative world cuisines. At Saraswati dairy farm, we’ve got a spread of dairy farm merchandise like recent cream, khova, paneer, ghee, butter, curd etc that may be utilized in your preparations and served healthy to your family.

Curd Suppliers in Hyderabad,Secunderabad,Banjarahills,Jubileehills,Gachibowli. Saraswati Dairy is the right place you will get fresh and healthy curd in Hyderabad.

Curd is a cultured milk product that is soured and thickened by the action of specific lactic acid-producing starter cultures added to milk. Its a great source of probiotics needed to balance our intestinal microflora.

Toned curd is low in calories and rich in taste. A good source of probiotics and essential vitamins with fewer calories. Toned Curd from Saraswati dairy is made from Homogenised & pasteurized toned milk. Toned curd can be used for making lassis and buttermilk and is a very good alternative for the whole curd especially for weight watchers.

The Whole curd is procured Homogenised & Pasteurised from whole milk. The whole curd from Saraswati dairy is so yummy and creamy, that it can be eaten as a desert. The best curd for making Biryanis, Lassis & Daily use.