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sunil saraswati dairy owner

Over the past years, we have had an incredible journey from starting as a local milk supplier to a dairy products manufacturer. Today, we are one of the largest industrial suppliers for fresh dairy products. I think this was a success we could achieve only because of the blessings of the many lives that we could touch during the process of providing the best.

We believe in Quality products and that is what we strive to provide to all our customers. I am proud to be supplying the best quality products while also helping many farmers with their livelihood by procuring milk in the most ethical manner.

After being the leaders in B2B dairy supply, We are now ambitious to spread our wings to different territories. Our goal is to bring the same quality supplies to every home in the city by directly serving our customer’s daily dairy requirements.

We are an honest company that wishes to bring the best quality and unadulterated food habits back into our lives. We understand that by providing the best dairy products to your table, we can help build healthier families and do our bit in building a healthier nation.

-Sunil  Kumar

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